eOrdering Time Comparison


The old way

Time spent EBook-Keeper  way Time spent
Customer places order Get a fax or phone call from customer. Make chit chat about the weather. 10 min  Customer places order online. 0 min
Pack and pick list Go into word processor and type out packing list. 10 min Pack and pick list printed automatically when placed 0 min
Check if items are in inventory Find inventory sheet, check for items ordered 10 min Inventory is checked, email is sent if order causes inventory level to drop below a preset reorder point or more items are ordered than are in stock.  0 min
Adjust inventory Do math, make marks on inventory sheet. 5 min Inventory automatically updated. Can be checked from anyplace you have web access. 0 min
Box items Guess which and how many boxes to use. 5 min Pick list tells which boxes and how many to use 0 min
Shipping Cost Figure out weight of each box, Go into shipper software to get prices  5 min Shipping costs automatically calculated for each box. 0 min
Packing Label Go into shipper software enter data, print labels 5 min At time set by you 
labels come out of printer.
0 min
Accounting Software Enter order data into accounting software. 10 min Upload email attachment into accounting software 1 min
Tracking package Get phone call from customer, find tracking number, call shipper, call customer back. 10 min Customer goes to web site and clicks on "track" and gets all the information on the package. 0 min
Send invoice Go into accounting software, print invoice, stick in envelope, stamp and put in mail 10 min Customer automatically gets email invoice when package shipped 0 min
Collect Payment Receive check in the mail, go to bank and deposit. 20 min Customer comes on line and pays bill, money directly deposited into your bank account. 0 min
Totals Old way
  1 hour 45 min
  1 min

 How valuable is your time?
 How valuable is your employee's time?
Wouldn't it be better to have your employees
 spending time selling rather than processing orders?