As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


1. Bill files are transmitted to a secure server.

2. Bills are presented to your customers online.

3. Customers view and pay their bills on the web.

4. Payments are credited to your bank account.

5. Process Completed.

Enhance your short term funds management

Shortening the billing cycle, streamlining your customer’s payables process and providing for payment online can reduce your day’s sales outstanding and accelerate your receipt of funds.

Unlike the paper world where you must wait for checks to be received through a lock box, ebook-keeper e-billing lets you see exactly when and how much you will be paid.

Streamline your receivables process

With paper-based invoicing and payments, it is often difficult to determine where to apply the payments you receive. A single payment can represent multiple invoices, some of which may differ from the amount you billed, due to damaged shipments or processing errors. In these cases, you need to go through an expensive and time-consuming process to contact the payer and resolve the payment.

  ebook-keeper ebilling’s online dispute resolution solves this by allowing the payer to adjust a disputed invoice online, making changes as necessary.  

Advantages for Biller
  • Enhanced customer service and customer interactive communication

  • ebook-keeper electronic Billing allows you easy, low-cost entry into internet invoice delivery market

  • Relieves you of daily bill server responsibilities

  • Significant savings over traditional methods of print and mail

  • Reduces customer inquiries

  • Improve cash flow, reduce aging time, payments are deposited in your account electronically

  • No check in the mail

  • Know when customer intends to pay invoices.

  • Automatic e-mail to alert customers when payment is overdue and (or) reminders.

  • Both biller and payer can export the billing and payment information into their accounts payable or accounts receivable systems, alleviating the necessity of re-keying information.

Your Customer Advantages

  • Internet electronic and delivery removes the need to fax, copy and mail invoices

  • Reduced paper flow

  • Reduced processing time

  • E-mail messages alerts each party when there is an invoice in the queue for review and approval

  • Enhanced ability to take advantage of payment term discounts

  • Because the process flow is shorter, your customer is more likely to enjoy early payment discounts.

  • Comprehensive invoice and payment tools.

  • From a single invoice menu, your customer can view unpaid invoices, create payment orders and authorize them to be sent to the bank and view a history of paid invoices and payment orders.

  • Integration with existing accounting systems

  • Your customer can export billing and payment information into their accounting systems, streamlining the administrative process and reducing errors.

Security and Privacy

  • Your sensitive and proprietary information is safeguarded with 128-bit encryption.

  • Customer payments are processed through traditional, secure banking channels.

  • Your customers see only their invoices.

  • Each user in your organization has a secure password, which you control.

30-Day — No Risk

• No contracts