Web-based Time & Expense Tracking Service

Getting Started

You can track time by clicking on one of the following:

  • click here
  • on the URL in the welcome email you received
  • on the "Login" at eBook-Keeper.com's site
and entering your username and password. (The first time you login, you will be prompted to change your password.)
Forget your username or password?

Click on "Time Entry" and inspect your time entry screen. The default will display project, comments, one week of time entry boxes by day & date, and time entry totals. Inspect this screen to determine what display information changes, if any, you would like to make.

Click on the "Preferences" tab. Here you can adjust the number of time records that can be input at one time, the number of previous time records displayed, the overall number of date entries displayed, and the user's full name. In addition, "How Time Data is Entered" offers a pull down menu that allows you to adjust the remaining information that can be displayed with the time records, including: projects, comments, and expenses. Once you have completed your changes, click on "Update."

Click on the "Admin" tab. If you are a manager of a group, here you can change passwords, add or modify time/expense records, or create memorized time records for users in your group. This is where you will add and edit your project information, as well. Click on project management. The first table allows you to delete or modify an existing project, as well as its description, parent directory, total estimated hours, percent complete & display for users. In the second table, you can add new projects and their information. The "Details" tab allows you to view a complete list of all projects, codes, and subcodes, plus adjust percentage complete figures.

You're now set up to start tracking time, expenses, and projects.

Helpful Hints:

To enter project-related expenses, click on the "Expenses" tab and select the appropriate project and date range, then click "refresh." Select an expense code and enter the amount. Once you have completed your entries for a given project, click on "Update."

To track detailed comments relating to individual projects, click on the "Journals" tab and create a journal for the respective project. You can also view or add comments to existing journals here.

The "Reports" tab takes you to the area where you can create, modify, copy, and run reports. There are 20 standard reports from which to choose, as well as the option to create your own reports.

Your Password
The "Password" tab allows you to change your own password.