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1. Bills can be entered manually:

  • You simply select your customer from a drop down menu.

  • Enter the terms and invoice number.

  • As you enter the quantity and item code the description, price and amount are filled in automatically with your prices and products.

  • Pricing can include quantity discounts.

  • Try it below with part numbers 1001,1071 or 3000-3005

EBook-Keeper eBilling Technology

Bill To:

If new customer

Date Invoice #

Customer P.O. # Terms Date Due (m/d/y)

Quantity Item Code Description Price Each Amount

$ $

$ $

$ $

$ $

$ $
Total:  $


2. Bills can be uploaded to the server, the server can handle any size file.

3. Large files can be FTP'd to our server.

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File to upload:
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