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     Frequently Asked Questions

     What is the turn around time to process my information?

     From the time EBK receives your information, you will be able to view your information and reports through the web in 5 business days.

 Is my information secure?

     ebook-keeper offers sensitive vendor and customer coding for clients, when requested. We never enter full bank account numbers or credit card numbers into our bookkeeping software. Consistent training on protecting financial and personal information is received by all employees. Ebook-keeper tracks workflow through every step of our process and has implemented a Total Quality Management Program. Ebook-keeper uses state-of-the-art bookkeeping software to provide on line access to bookkeeping records for its clients.

     A true multi-user system with the flexibility to allow you to set up individual user accounts with different levels of access. You can even define the level of access to each feature by user: none, view only, create only, edit only, and full. No entry-level desktop product gives you this level of control. And track every transaction according to the user performing it, so you can always trace it back to the source.

     What information do I need to provide to EBK?

     When you sign up for our service, you will receive an orientation packet, which will include a checklist of all information EBK will need. Items needed vary depending on the services requested. At a minimum, we will need a back up file of your current books (or reports if done manually), copies of current bank statement, checks written and deposits made.

     How does EBK define a transaction?

     Ebook-keeper defines a transaction as an entry that must be made in the accounting software. Examples include a check, a deposit or a credit card transaction.

     What if I am not satisfied with the service I receive?

     EBK offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

     How do I know EBK will not raise my price after a month or two?

     EBK will sign a one-year price guarantee for the level and volume of service initially requested. Your rates will only increase if you purchase additional services or increase the volume of transactions that need to be processed.

     How do I sign up?

      Please fill out an information request and you will be contacted within 1 business day. You may also contact us directly by calling 512.342.9273 or 800.869.9629.





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